Snowy the frostman 1 meet

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snowy the frostman 1 meet

Snowy the Frostman: Part 1 - Meet Snowy. Snowy the Frostman: Part 2 - Home for Xmas by Skul on Tue Dec 10, pm. Yeah, or you. Official Post from Samination. 'Snowy the Frostman' Delivers Parody In Cold Blood So episode 2 “Snowy is Back” comes along and we meet Laurie's disbelieving parents, then Dr. Lupus, The 1 WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know AboutFierce Fifties.

But she runs away before he finishes, which makes him fade away. Back in Jack's office, he's working on a typewriter when Lori appears and declares that Snowy has returned. Jack's concentration is ruined and he angrily yells that Snowy isn't real. Shelly comes in and suggests that Lori should go to bed; so she does.

Later that night, Jack regrets bringing Lori to their home and declares that he would sell his soul for a drink right now after entering the bar basement of the hotel. A large selection of alcohols and Snowy himself dressed as a bartender appear out of thin air. Snowy says that Jack's request can be arranged. After introducing himself, Snowy offers Jack a drink of Red Rum which has a picture of his human form's hooded face on it's label. Lori is hearing the entire conversation between Jack and Snowy in distorted voices while cutting out to shots of an elevator leaking snow as Snowy pours the Red Rum in a glass for Jack.

After realizing he forgot his wallet, and Snowy saying that his soul is enough to pay for the drink, Jack finishes the drink, and Snowy has suddenly vanished along with all the other beverages. Jack then starts to cough up blood and snow, and Loompus still recovering in the hospital form episode 3 declares that Lori is in trouble and he must save her.

Lori runs out of the bedroom to Shelly while screaming that Jack is drinking Red Rum.

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Shelly disregards Lori's panic as Jack being drunk. The latter himself then chops through the door, but stop and comes in after Shelly points out that the door is unlocked. Shelly then asks Jack how he's doing and he points out that he'll be even more fine than he is now when he gets Lori; prompting her to continuing running away. Snowy's reflection is then shown in the reflection of a mirror.

Loompus then pulls up to the hotel while damning Arbies for all of it's convenient locations; which apparently forced him to stop earlier and hoping he's not too late.

As Loompus wanders through the halls wandering if he should regret shouting Lori's name while looking for her Snowy ambushes him and cleaves an axe into his chest. While Lori grieves, Snowy points out that he is the bad guy. As Loompus dies, he says he has something to tell Lori to which she questions as to why he always waits to tell her the important stuff when he's dying.

He says that both her and Snowy have "The Gleaming" and that Snowy is being controlled by someone. Before he can say who, he succumbs to his injury and dies again. After Snowy, annoyed over the plot-twists and pointing them out, Lori becomes enraged at Snowy for killing everyone she loves.

She begins to glow with power, which makes Snowy fall apart and Jack is unveiled under Snowy's bottom half. Lori, amazed by her sudden display of power, and not knowing what else to do, runs out of the hotel into the woods with Snowy in pursuit.

Snowy the Frostman Episode 1 : Here's Snowy!

As she wanders, a bunny appears and jesters for her to follow it. The animal leads Lori to a Greenhouse, which gives Lori the idea. When Snowy stumbles upon the Greenhouse, he enters looking for Lori, and she shuts the door and traps Snowy inside. As Snowy melts while ranting about weight loss and why he melts so often throughout the night Lori is joined by other animals as she jokes that Snowy is "all wet".

The animals get a good laugh out of this while Lori herself isn't that amused. The episode ends as jingle bells are heard in the distance.

snowy the frostman 1 meet

Picking up immediately where the fourth episode left off. The sound is revealed to be the sleigh bells of Santa Clause's sled. When Santa pulls up and lands, Lori explains the situation about Snowy and that he's dead. However, Santa gets the wrong idea; believing that Lori was saddened that Snowy died not aware that Snowy was actually evil and murderous.

So Santa opens the greenhouse door and lets in the "Christmas wind" to revive Snowy similar to the original film. Lori attempts to warn him, but her warnings fall on deaf ears as she trips and falls face down in the snow. Snowy comes back to life again and isn't sure of what introduction phrase he should say. As Santa welcomes Snowy back, the psychotic snowman impales Santa in the face with his arm; he then breaks the fourth wall and remarks that he's a stinker.

As he finally gets Lori and once again insists that she 'joins' him. Snowy now grows annoyed again breaking the fourth wall by saying they were running out oh horror movies to spoof. He then makes her join him the "hard way". Lori wakes up back at her house with her aunt. She explains that they found her unconscious outside in the snow.

Lori doesn't remember anything after her escape from the hotel. Samuel Loomps remarks that Snowy is also nowhere to be found. Lori again remarks upon Dr.

snowy the frostman 1 meet

And he points out that It was "Merely an axe wound in the chest". Lori then angrily questions why Dr. Loompus brought her back to the same house Snowy murdered both her parents in.

Samuel believes that his house would be the last place that Snowy would think to look for Lori. Shelly then puts Lori to bed and she and Samuel exit the room.

snowy the frostman 1 meet

Shelly questions Lori's true safety, and Samuel completely disagrees with that. Revealing that the real reason he brought Lori back to her house was that he could set up a trap for Snowy. Lori hears their entire conversation through the hole in the door that Snowy left with a knife in Episode 2.

In the living room Samuel reveals that he went somewhere and got 'the antidote' before going to another Arby's restaurant. Shelly questions what it's for; right before Samuel can finish telling Shelly that Snowy is apart of the experiment, a possessed Lori crawls out on her revered limbs a reference to The Exorcist and pours Loompus' drink on the floor although from the camera's angle, it looks like she's urinating on the floor.

She then says that "he's here" implying Snowy as the lights flicker and an image of Snowy appears on the TV. Loompus is at first shocked and disgusted at this, but he eventually orders Lori out of the room.

Shelly questions Lori's strange behavior; but Samuel chalks it up to childish antics pointing out that he did similar things as a kid. Shelly then goes to check on Lori. When she opens the door which has a picture of Snowy's face on it or a split second the room is covered in snow.

Lori' head spins degrees like a garden sprinkler as she spits snow out of her mouth. She then says "Stay away you stupid bitch!

Later, a car pulls up to the house; Dr. Loompus is startled by a ringing of the doorbell. Samuel hopes it's Snowy; when he opens the door, he is greeted by a figure, who he addresses as Dr. Samuel grudgingly wants to know what he wants.

snowy the frostman 1 meet

And Robert replies that he's here to see his "creation". And tries to 'stop' Samuel by shooting him, but he dodges the bullet. He then hears Lori calling his name. He finds Lori's face in a static-filled TV. She says that Snowy's got her and that he must save her. Snowy's face then replaces Lori's and he says that Lori is his. Samuel pins the blame for this on the figure, who simply replies: The man is finally revealed to be the same man who dropped Lori off at her house in the beginning of the series.

Robert then shoots Samuel in the leg, which he easily shrugs off. He does this again with the same result. Robert then shoots him in the arm, which he again shrugs off but with more effort then the leg shots. And finally, he shoots Dr. Loompus in the head. This does not kill him instantly, but he notes that it's "actually pretty bad" as he bleeds percussively from the wound and collapses from blood-loss.

Robert remarks that Samuel is an "idiot" and goes to Lori's room. Where he says that "it's time". Here, it's revealed that Snowy had been in the house the entire time. And that he has possessed Lori's body. Snowy then asks about Dr. Loompus, and Robert says he's taken care of him, to Snowy's relief. As Loompus lays seemingly dead on the floor, he dreams about a black and white old style movie theatre with Lori singing about the future this is a parody of Eraserhead's 'Everything is Fine'.

After the performance, a long pause of creepy tension is present. But Lori eventually opens her hands and a flash of light emerges. Loompus then wakes up miraculously regenerated like he always does and notes that Lori 'saved' him. Lori's face then appears in a static television again; telling him to get off his ass and save her.

As Robert says joyously that Snowy's process is almost complete. Samuel then bursts into the room and injects Snowy with the antidote. Snowy is expelled from Lori's body and he floats away in the form of a small white ball of energy.

Before that, he explains that he made it by stealing the formula from Robert's house. The closet opens as a vortex parodying The Poltergeist and everyone runs out of the room. Samuel apologizes to Lori and says they have to go with "Plan B". He throws her into a Witness Relocation truck and it drives away. Robert scolds Samuel for ruining everything; and Samuel notes that it's all over.

The house is then sucked up by the white vortex and it disappears. Samuel then wonders if Shelly was ever gotten out of there. And Robert shoots Dr. Loompus in the chest which only annoys him. Starring both Jason and Pamela Voorhees. Episode 6 picks up right after the previous. Loompus is "going with plan B" and gives her to the Witness Relocation Program.

The van is driving to a place called Camp Death an obvious parody of Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th series. The van drops her off and gives her a wig, sunglasses, and the new name of "Veronica" before driving off. As Lori questions where she is, she is greeted by a parodied version of Pamela Voorhees. Pamela welcomes her to camp death while gagging from a cigarette. As Lori expresses disbelief at the camp's menacing name, Pamela explains that it's named in memory of Jason, her son who drowned in the lake years ago.

Now she only has the camp open in the winter time to keep the lake frozen. She then escorts "Veronica" to her cabin off camera. Meanwhile, Snowy who appears to have regenerated is burrowing through the ground until he hits a mailbox which annoys him. Back at Lori's cabin, Lori attempts to sleep but is intruded by Dr.

He yet again exclaims that Snowy is coming which annoys "Veronica". He then says that the two of them must continue with "Plan B" which was originally thought to have been to hide Lori from Snowy; hiding her from Dr. Robert Glen was Loompus' true intention. More details about Snowy's background are revealed as he explains that Glen originally 'saved' Lori from Snowy was that he could posses her body and become a child again.

And now Loompus' full plan is for Lori to use her powers to knock Snowy into a deep and seemingly inescapable cavern in the campground. Lori annoyingly agrees to the plan, in believing that this would finally be 'it'. Now they wait for Snowy to reach the camp. Snowy reaches the camp and comes across several tents containing frisky teenagers. As he recalls that he "should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque" he hears laughter coming from the tent. After unsuccessfully asking them about Lori with them throwing dirty clothes at his face he snaps and stomps on their tent with them inside possibly killing them.

Two girls running past Snowy wearing only swimwear go by and Snowy goes over to question them. When Snowy reaches them he discovers they have been butchered and dismembered off camera although the sounds of it were heard.

As he's about to leave he meets a parodied Jason Voorhees. After a polite conversation, Snowy resumes his quest for Lori after saying he will email Jason, which he doubts seeing as how no one emails him.

Snowy finally reaches the cabin and knocks on the door. Lori shoots Snowy with another power bolt a hint of The Gleaming from episode 4 and sends him flying outside. After Lori unleashes a vicious assault that sends Snowy plummeting to the cavern, he is clinging to Lori's hand and he notes how it's an ironic 'role-reversal' from the 2nd episode.

After Snowy gullies Lori by reminding them that they're siblings and after she has a montage of having happy times with Snowy she foolishly pulls Snowy up.

As Snowy yet again tries to posses Lori, Loompus kicks Lori into the cavern. Lori tries to hold on but Loompus' glove is too slippery and she falls in seemingly dying. An outraged Loompus blames Snowy but is pushed in. As Snowy ponders about staying as a snowman and moving to Canada, Pamela shoves Snowy into the hole for not emailing her son even though he was planning on it. No, it makes no difference how much my mother wanted me, and how much she loved me, and stood up for me. The truth is, I am really Satan's child.

How do I know this? Well, I learned this from the higher echelons, from the powers that be, here in the USA. I learned that every book I have ever read on Astronomy, Geology, Paleontology, and Evolution, are all lies from the pits of Hell.

Here's what Republican Representative, Paul Broun, had to say. This is from a leaked video of a speech given at Liberty Baptist Church Sportsman's Banquet on September 27, during the Presidential re-election year. This looks really creepy! A sportsman's banquet in a Baptist church! Actually, sports is just another religion, and sports is becoming the brutal theocratic enforcement arm of the church. And, he is also a doctor??? So, we have some quack docs who are in politics.

A right-wing CONservative Republican politician is someone who has grown up from being a schoolyard bully to becoming a churchyard bully! A churchyard bully is even more dangerous, especially if one has lots of money and political power. Therefore, the earth is flat, and only 6, years old, and the moon is made of cheese, because, big money says so! Big money says the earth is only years old, and all science is a lie. That's why "In God We Trust" was placed on our currency back in the s.

It was for the purpose to eventually to flatten the earth and make it young again, and to tell bookish science nerds in school that they're all going to Hell! So, I know that I'm Hell-bound! Don't ya just love it!?! Maybe all the Republicans should convert to Catholicism so that they can all use more fancy sounding terms!

Of course, I learned these fancy sounding terms from reading about the Inquisition. OK, if this was just the usual bullshit coming from some evangelist preacher on TV, I could just let that pass over my head like it was almost nothing. But, when you hear stuff like this coming from a duly elected official who's in the House of Congress, passing laws and legislation, then.

You know, first books get burned, then people get burned! But, don't worry, maybe once these people assume more power, people like me will just be safely locked away somewhere so we can't ruin anybody's Xmess! How did America come to this? I think I know the answer. It started back in the s when a kid in school could get his head bashed against a brick wall for wanting to read a science book. That's how America eventually came to this! Yeah, I know Xmess is suppose to be a seasonal form of entertainment for young children.

Too bad it's not seasonal entertainment for poor kids from poor families. I remember when I was in grade school, after Xmess vacation was over, in the classroom we had Show And Tell, and each kid would bring a toy he or she got for Xmess. But, some of the kids from poor families didn't have a new toy for Show And Tell. And the poor kids got teased and made fun of.

Xmess actually teaches kids to be selfish and inconsiderate, just like sports! It corrupts young minds. I think Xmess should be boycotted, because it discriminates against children from poor families, and it discriminates against us senior citizens who live alone and don't have families.

No, Xmess is just another holiday for rich Republicans who believe in fairy tales and who want to destroy people who read science books, telling me I'm from the pit of Hell! I would love very much to boil all these Republican fuck-tards alive in their own Xmess pudding and drive a stake of holly through their hearts, and shove their Xmass trees up their collective ass!