Holby city jac and jonny first meet

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holby city jac and jonny first meet

Jac becomes tangled in a web of Paula's making as she prepares to face Jonny in court. On the course, Jac meets future transplant nurse Jonny Maconie who claims to be a However, it is cancelled and Jonny Maconie begs the midwife at Holby City In episode 49 of series 15, Jac and Jonny have their first pre-natal class. Meanwhile, Malick is keen to prove to Hanssen that he can meet his Holby City spoilers: Jac Naylor wants Professor Gaskell OUT of Holby!.

Jonny allowed the patient to leave her bed to go to the chapel and she then collapsed. I think it remains to be seen whether he's really going to be able to tame her. I'm not sure if anyone can tame Jac, and it's also a question of whether Jac can really trust anyone. They had a one-night stand and Jac had no idea Jonny was really a nurse and about to start working at Holby.

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In fact I think he says to her 'Have we met? He also joked that his mother did not approve of Jac and wanted Jonny to be with Mo. Jac assured him it was nothing, but secretly had urine tests done. Thomson believed that Jac was afraid to tell Jonny as she knew he wanted a big family, and he might have second thoughts about their relationship.

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He also said Jonny was dealing with a lot of uncertainty, as the baby's condition led to "an unpredictable set of circumstances" at the happiest time of his life.

Of their relationship, Thomson said "Romantically, Bonnie is the textbook answer to Jonny. However, Bonnie also knew Jonny did not want to spend the rest of his life with Jac and she was "determined" not to let him go. Thomson said Jonny spent the episode caught in between the past with Jac and his future with Bonnie. So when my shift ended an hour after hers I grabbed my phone and texted her- Text conversation: Maybe I could fit you in somewhere?

Meet me at Starbucks in 10 minutes?

holby city jac and jonny first meet

She was about to ring him when she saw him clatter through the doors and tripping over a chair, what an idiot she thought. She waved at him and he came over, he leant in to kiss her on the lips but she turned her head so he only got her cheek, but he didn't think anything of it.

holby city jac and jonny first meet

In the 5 minutes that he was gone Jac was able to think about what exactly she wanted to say, she really liked Jonny and was sure she could learn to love him again despite his slight hostility to her in the time when he and Bonnie were a 'thing'.

She pondered over this for a while when her thoughts were interrupted by Jonny sitting down at his chair. Jac's POV I needed to think carefully and pick out exactly what I wanted to say to him, I wanted him I really did but I was scared of him leaving me again, I never wanted to feel the same way again.

He was staring at me waiting for a reply.

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You left me to carry our daughter while you had an easy time with little miss sunshine, and as much as I want to I'm not sure I can forget that" I watched his face fall as I spoke, my heart broke at what I was doing to him, I always do this, string people along and then screw things up, right at the moment when I could make my life exactly what I wanted it to be.

I expected him to walk away and accept defeat but he leant forward and put his hand on mine. I promise I will never ever leave you, just, give me a chance. I don't know what to say. I wasn't too sure about the future, but all I know is right now is pretty good.