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Tumblr logo Tumblr's policy is not required by the law and it isn't even industry standard for sites like it. a judge found its repeat infringer policy did not meet up to the standards of the law, denying . Are Let's Plays Legal?. This is a story-based subreddit, and we enjoy reading long stories. But your post should probably go to /r/CreepyEncounters instead--LNM is set up to focus more on creepy encounters that are out of the ordinary. If you need to exaggerate or embellish, your story probably should go. 12 Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories That'll Make You Fear Life.

The link for the page you are looking for should be visible on the previous page. If it is not to be found on that page then you can also go back to the previous page and look for the correct link there. But if it so happens that this method is also successful and you eventually end up back on the homepage, then move onto the next tip.

Many websites offer a search function as part of their homepage. By entering one or several keywords, it can help you find the specific page that you are looking for. Use a search engine: You also have the possibility of using the website of your choice to find a website.

Delete the browser cache and cookies: Ifyou can access the website from another device, and the HTTP error only seems to appear on a certain computer, then the problem could lie with your browser. Therefore you should delete the browser cache as well as all cookies for this site, and this may then finally allow you to access the page. The operators of the website should be able to provide information as to whether the page you are looking for actually exists.

lets not meet tumblr logo

It might be the case that the page in question has been moved to a new URL, and in this scenario you will be doing the website operator a big favor. They can then carry out a error fix by introducing a domain redirectwhich will automatically direct users from the old web page to the current one. This may result in a considerable decrease in visitor numbers for the website.

This applies to internal error pages on their own website as well as external error pages on other sites. There are numerous free tools available to help you find these broken links more easily. Three of the best and most well-known are: Any errors found by the Google crawler are displayed in the web tool and can also be marked as corrected here too.

Additional functions enable you to find errors in robots. With this web app you simply enter the URL of the site you want to inspect and then start the check. Here you have the choice of checking a single web page or a whole site. The app lists all the tracked error pages with status codes and URL.

lets not meet tumblr logo

You can create an error page as follows: Create an error page ' The error page will be generated with this code. Having a standard error page is better than having none at all, although a customized page is more preferred for several reasons. On the one hand, you can be sure that visitors receive an accurate HTTP status code: Share your advice in the comments.

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Mass Editing To quickly edit multiple posts at the same time, use the Mega-Editor. The tool looks just like your archive, except you can selct or delete multiple posts, and edit and add tags. Hot Keys Certain keys help you browse through the Dashboard more quickly. To move forward, press the "J" key. The "K" key moves you backward. You can also like the current post by pressing the "L" key.

To reblog instantly, without leaving the dashboard or tagging, click the reblog button while pressing the "Alt" key. If you need to tag, press "Ctrl" instead. Once you've grabbed the personal Tumblr email from the settings page of your blog, send a blog post with tags, a photo, quote or any other feature. Tumblr will automatically detect it and send to your blog. Or post audio once you've configured by calling Queued Posts To rearrange queued posts, click the up and down arrows and drag to the right order.


You can also hover over the arrows and press the "Alt" key, then click. The post will automatically move to the top of your queue. Original Posts There is a small fold at the top-right corner of every post on the dasboard. It's easy to miss because it only folds when you hover the mouse over it. Leave the mouse hovering to see what time it was published, and click to view the original post on the user's blog. This is a valuable tip for anyone who has lost something in the dashboard.

Quick Engagement When you hover over a user's profile picture in the dashboard, a small "i" offers you different ways to engage. Depending on what features the user has available, you can ask a question, send fan mail and unfollow or follow a person, without leaving the dashboard.

What Your Friends Like Want to know what posts your friends like? This trick only works for public Tumblrs.