Meet my pitbull bit

meet my pitbull bit

What could happen to you and your dog if they bit someone? A few days or weeks after the attack reach out to the victim and check in to see how they are. Are there really as many dog bites as we think there are? you an arsenal of information in this article so you can bite back in the dog bite debate. .. Be mindful of the breed because you need to meet its physical needs. If your dog is accustomed to meeting dogs at a pet supply store like PetSmart or nose-to-nose greetings may cause them to make a bad decision and bite out.

How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands - Features - The Stranger

But 56 percent of all fatal dog attacks in the United States in the past five years were committed by pit bulls, according to a report released last week by the organization DogsBite. The death-by-dog-bite rate now is nearly double this amount at over 30 per year and largely due to pit bulls," the group says. The tips below can be used against any breed of dog that happens to attack, up to and including the pit bull.

And to those who claim that humans' anxiety about pit bull attacks is fostering an environment where pit bulls are subliminally encouraged to attack: Avoid Conflict "Trying to make friends with strange dogs is not a good idea," says David Wiley, a Seattle dog behavioral therapist with BarkBusters.

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If you find yourself on what feels like the verge of being attacked: Stand completely still and cross your hands in front of you. Don't make direct eye contact, which can come across as a challenge. Don't turn your back, as it may embolden the dog.

Once the dog loses interest, back away," says Wiley. Stand On A Car So you've stood still and avoided eye contact, and still the dog in question shows signs of dangerous aggression.

Does The Public Fear Pit Bulls? Aggressive Dog Breed Social Experiment!

If you can get yourself somewhere higher than the ground, do it. If you can stand on a car, stand on a car. You can worry about possibly denting a stranger's hood and roof later—just get the fuck up there. Cover Your Face and Play Dead If there's no car or any other higher level handy, "don't try to defend yourself, just protect yourself," says Emily Keegans, behavior program manager at the Seattle Humane Society.

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Some people, like the very young or the very old are more susceptible to being bitten by a dog. Very young children infants were more than six times more likely to bitten by a family pet and over six times more likely to sustain injuries in their neck and head.

meet my pitbull bit

Dogs identified as pit bulls were more likely to make multiple bites in different body areas of the children. One fifth of those injured are children. Approximately twenty percent of dog bites become infected. In addition, states and local governments have passed laws and ordinances that allow the government to take action against dogs that are considered dangerous.

meet my pitbull bit

All states recognize that a dog owner may be potentially liable for dog bites. Depending upon the state, the rules for when a dog owner may be liable for a bite will vary. Models of liability for dog bites fall into three broad categories: At common law, a dog owner can be held liable for the injury caused by a dog that the owner knows, or has reason to know, may be dangerous.

meet my pitbull bit

Many common law jurisdictions have historically recognized a "one bite" rule, meaning that absent information that suggests that a dog may be unusually dangerous to others, a dog owner cannot be held liable for the first bite injury caused by their dog.

States that impose strict liability make the owner of a dog liable for injuries caused by a dog, without further consideration of the facts. Strict liability laws may require that the person seeking damages for a dog bite prove that they were acting peacefully and lawfully at the time of the bite.

The law may also recognize a limited range of defenses to liability, such as the dog owner's successfully proving that the injured person was trespassing at the time of the injury or had engaged in conduct that provoked the attack.

meet my pitbull bit