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vpro tegenlicht meet up

During the Tegenlicht Meet Up, we investigate how the future of our European VPRO Tegenlicht spoke with Lucas De Man, about the stories that he collected. 'VPRO Tegenlicht Meetup Utrecht'. As part of the collective Co_Lab, I've been visualising the different topics of the Tegenlicht Meet-ups. Through a teaser. Impressie van de Meetup in Pakhuis de Zwijger - Amsterdam n.a.v. de uitzending What makes us click? van VPRO Tegenlicht.

By then the Guaranteed Income Movement in the United States, begun by president Johnson as part of the 'war on poverty' program, and pursued by Nixon and Ford, was finally defeated despite Carter's efforts. So, the Canadian government also lost interest. The Mincome study was cancelled and air-brushed out of history; no final report was ever issued.

vpro tegenlicht meet up

However, interest slowly grew about it. The executive director, Douglas Hum, is still a professor at the University of Manitoba and he published a summary of the study in the mid nineties.

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She decided to try and do a study of the Manitoba Mincome study but ran into many obstacles. They would not let her look up the original participants in the study.

vpro tegenlicht meet up

She had trouble finding the data. It turned out to be sitting in boxes in a warehouse in Winnipeg. It had never been digitalized so that it could be worked on with modern computerized statistical techniques.

vpro tegenlicht meet up

She could not get funding to have that done and she thought she would die of old age before she could finish it herself. So she tried a different approach.

vpro tegenlicht meet up

She looked at census and other information for Dauphin at the same time as the mincome program. She has discovered a lot. Kids stayed in school longer in Dauphin in than before or after.

Hospital admissions dropped for Dauphin against her control group and regressed after Data about fertility and divorce were less clear. Dauphin was and is a very rural, conservative, religious community. It is a four hour drive from Winnipeg. Evelyn says that when you drive into the town, the Catholic church is on one side and the Ukrainian Orthodox church is on the other side.

Four fifths of the people attend one or the other. The people mainly descend from the Ukrainian immigrants of the early twentieth century.

vpro tegenlicht meet up

During the study, the divorce rate did not change at all and the pregnancy rate declined. But the Mincome was paid to families, not individuals. This is in contrast to the U. This is one of the things which turned conservative Americans against a Guaranteed Income in the s.

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However, closer study of the data there showed that this was not true. Forget says the flaws in the study were; there was limited funding for it. It was run by labor economists who were only interested in labor market effects and considered social impacts to be 'peripheral'. One interesting thing about the Dauphin experiment was that many people refused to participate in the study because it did not pay enough.

When she started tracking the next generation descendants of those who had lived in Dauphin at the time of the study, they also did better than the controls. She thinks those getting the income could keep their kids in school longer, and this convinced other kids to stay longer, and that education was a 'transmitter' of prosperity to the next generation. It has become harder to track the effects of the experiment as we get closer to the present.

The first were in Amsterdambut after the second documentary, once the basic income —inspired experimentation plans of municipalities started to gain attention, they were also being organised in various other Dutch cities.

The second episode was not exclusively dedicated to Bregman, but has been due to the success of that first episode.

Tine de Moor in VPRO Tegenlicht Meet-Up 'Ons Gemeengoed'

The second documentary seems to have been particularly influential for the overall development of the basic income discussion and activities in the Netherlands, as the theme of experimentation was prominent in that episode. The last-meet-ups, in the stage in which there were already many plans for experimentation in municipalitiesfeatured relatively more local politicians, and citizens considering how their municipality could follow suit. It exemplifies how the media 'hype' on the basic income was intertwined with the formation of a network of people aiming for concrete experimentation projects.

Especially once the discussion sparked initiatives towards concrete action and experimentation, it became more a subject of political debate and political parties to relate to. Initially it was rather like, hey, this is an odd idea, a nice idea It simply appealed to a great many people, whether for fame or notoriety On the other hand the framing had the negative side-effect of somewhat taking out the nuance in the debate — also alienating certain political strands that in principle needn't be that much offended by the basic income concept.

The article publication incited contestation as it made the basic income appear as a left-wing project rather than as the concept that crosses political divides - a political multi-sidedness that VBI and other affiliates of the BIEN network like to underline.

Such controversy and resistance did not occur in Finland, another country in which initiatives towards basic income experimentation are undertaken.

In the Netherlands, the basic income concept has become identified a a bit of a left-wing-progressive initiative — a political colour that he considers not intrinsic to the concept. In other words, the article publication affected the identity of the basic income, and of those promoting it. Anticipation Before he published that article, the writer Bregman was unknown to the interviewee. He only learned later that this young author had in fact already made his mark with some publications.

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The CTP thus came unexpected to him; it happened through a new actor entering the scene of basic income discourse. That has all happened earlier.

VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up #138: Mens in de machine

As such it is hard to say for the interviewee when he saw it starting, but it became evident to him around the third episode of the Tegenlicht documentaries, and during the meeting with the municipalities at which which he and other experimentation-minded actors discussed how to proceed and realize the experimentation ambitions.

Giving it a second thought, he thinks he became aware of the ripple effect even earlier on, endas the network of experimentation-minded actors had already started to form [Cf.

The event was particularly meaningful in leftist, intellectual, progressive circles: Learning The main lessons the interviewee draws from this CTP, is that even such a publication can make that much of a difference. But still, the apparent fact that something little like that publication can have such a large impact on the longer term The interviewee is a policy entrepreneur for basic income-inspired experiments who has succeeded to have himself crowd-funded for two years of this full-time social innovation activity.

Being a crucial actor in the formation of a broad network of experimentation initiatives and being concerned with the gaining of political support for these initiatives, he is very much concerned with the strategic-political issue of finding the right discourse, tone and approach.

In these respects he has learnt from the CTP how to frame his social innovation, and what line of thinking to promote. This is reflected in the way in which he writes about it.