Relationship between stephen kumalo and james jarvis

Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are two different people. Kumalo is a poor black preacher from the valley of the South African village of Ndotsheni. Both James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo are dynamic characters in this novel the tops is a small and lovely valley, between two hills that shelter it" (Paton ). How James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo changed after the incident of their sons.

He gives James the bad news—his son Arthur has been murdered that very afternoon, shot dead in Johannesburg Harrison regales James with tales Upstairs, Margaret is awake.

James Jarvis & Stephen Kumalo Relationship in Cry, The Beloved Country |

James recounts her with Mr. There, he begins to go through his many papers and This is the first time that James and Margaret have been in the same church as such people. The service is beautiful, Harrison sits with James. They smoke and have a drink and continue discussing the crime situation in Johannesburg.

James ponders the ideas that Arthur had written there, and feels like he is beginning to Stephen notices that James, the father of the man Absalom killed, is there in the court. He goes through the passage again, the one where Arthur had Can you see the young man?

In light of their differences, Kumalo and Jarvis also have similarities.

Similarities & Differences of James Jarvis & Stephen Kumalo

Over the course of the book Kumalo and Jarvis both lose loved ones. Jarvis also loses his son, Arthur, and his wife dies after an illness. Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are also very generous men. Kumalo always gives whatever he has to people who are in need.

This milk is for small children only, for those who are not yet at school… You would surely have a message for uJarvis umfundisi? And Kumalo stuttered and stammered, and at last pointed his hand up at the sky.

relationship between stephen kumalo and james jarvis

It was one of her last wishes that a new church should be built in Ndotsheni and I shall come to discuss it will you. While visiting Johannesburg to care for his sick sister, the Reverend learns of Absalom's crime.

An attorney informs the Reverend that there is a very good chance that Absalom will receive the death sentence. Through this one act, both James and the Reverend lose their only child to an act that should never have happened.

This tragic act brings both men together to forge a bond that brings hope to the possibility of change. Grief and Regret The Reverend is grief-stricken, not only for his son, but also for the Jarvis family.

relationship between stephen kumalo and james jarvis

The Reverend visits James at his home. When James answers the door, he sees the Reverend sitting on the bottom step. He notices that the Reverend seems unwell, but receives no explanation other than something heavy is upon him.

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The Reverend slowly reveals that it was his son who killed Arthur. The two men walk a bit in the yard, and the Reverend discloses that he has seen James previously, when he passed by Ndotsheni, the village where the Reverend and his family live. The two men part amicably, but it may have been a different start to the relationship had James not read his son's papers about the people of South Africa.

James Jarvis & Stephen Kumalo Relationship in Cry, The Beloved Country

Shortly after learning of his son's death, James goes to Arthur's house to put his affairs in order. While doing so, he comes across his son's work and research.

He reads through the numerous papers, and is affected by it. He gains insight into his son's thoughts and ideas, and there is a sense of loss in that he didn't know this side of his son. This helps James understand that the circumstances under which the blacks have been forced precipitated the current environment in South Africa.