Grace jones dolph lundgren relationship tips

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grace jones dolph lundgren relationship tips

Dec 9, But when the Amazonian Grace Jones But when the Amazonian Grace Jones and her striking 6'5½” Viking lover, Dolph Lundgren, took to the dance Is their relationship approaching another dimension—say, marriage? Pipasik and picked up boxing tips from Larry Holmes's trainer, Richie Giachetti. Nov 17, Dolph Lundgren is the perfect casting to play the Atlantean King Nereus in I walked into a Westwood movie theater as Grace Jones' boyfriend and The combination of his looks, drive, and relationship provided the The reasons why they went their separate ways can only truly be known by them. An athlete from Sweden, Dolph Lundgren, moved to masters in chemical They were in a relationship for four long years and with the help of Jones, Lundgren.

He sure as hell had seen a lot of dead bodies. The kid died, then the wife went crazy. Life was just brutal in those days. You had a pretty amazing run after Rocky IV. But the one movie I have to ask about is Red Scorpion, which was produced with propagandistic intent by Jack Abramoff, allegedly with funding from right-wing South Africans. How much did you know at the time about what was going on behind the scenes? I was about 29 at the time.

To me, Abramoff was a pretty good guy. He was good to me, him and his brother. He was obviously very welcome in those circles, and I was a bit impressed by that. The only thing I heard was that Oliver North and him were buddies, and that there was some kind of fund they had, to morally move people along on the various political issues.

One was the issue of the Cubans and the Russians. And basically this movie was financed partially from money from one of those funds. And the Abramoffs disappeared from my radar until I heard he was arrested.

Grace Jones Set Fire To Dolph Lundgren's Clothes - The Jonathan Ross Show

What did you think when he popped back up in the news? I was a bit surprised. They called me, from Newsweek. I knew they wanted me to badmouth him, probably. He had always been a pretty good guy to me. What was South Africa like back then? I remember arriving at the airport and somebody took us through customs. I saw these cops with their German shepherd dogs, and the dogs only barked at the black people.

They were trained to zero in on people with a dark complexion. It was totally different. He was upset about that. Why was he upset about that? Because he wanted more guns! He wanted to get that 18th assault rifle. He showed me a bunch of pictures from the Angolan border. Terrorists with their heads shot off and their brains splattered. In those days it was snapshots, from an Instamatic.

That guy, good-looking kid. Looked a bit like me. He was a nice guy, very sweet. He broke his neck on the first day of shooting, in a car accident. He had a convertible and it flipped. He broke his neck, but he survived. Then he came back on set with one of those collars.

Brett was his name. He had been an Executive Outcome mercenary in Angola. Take the diamonds back. That was his job. But he was this nice-looking kid. But this thing, you whip it out, and instead of punching them, you just slice them open like that. And I hung out with him a little bit. Then I heard, two years later, someone shot him in the back of the head and killed him. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment So you have these amazing experiences, you make some good movies, and then you hit a wall.

And with Van Damme, it was definitely appetite. What was it for you? I was never percent committed to my career. A lot of these guys were smarter than me. They were more savvy with their career choices, and more driven. I was just kind of this guy who used to do engineering, then I was a fighter, then I came to be a movie star. I started going back to Europe.

I bought a place in Sweden, I bought a place in Spain. So you had your period of dating famous people, but you ended up marrying another Swede.

How Dolph Lundgren Went From Chemical Engineer To Action Star

Yeah, a Swede from my hometown. She only lived a few miles from where I was born. My mom died around that time. I think I replaced one woman with the next. But there was a big hole to fill.

So I married her and we went back to Europe. I think it was a combination of going back to Europe, having my first daughter, and kind of wondering if show business is really for me. Egomaniacs trying to make more money than the other person.

There were a lot of negative thoughts in my mind about the business. I bought a house in Spain, I bought a place in Stockholm. I did movies every once in a while, but it was kind of like [I did it] with one hand tied behind my back. I just went through the motions. I was more interested in making friends in Europe and seeing my kids grow up and trying to get myself straightened out. I tried to stop that. It goes [snaps fingers] like that.

Which photo do you want on the poster? This one or that one?

grace jones dolph lundgren relationship tips

I can live off my past work. But that only lasted for so long. Are there any movies from your direct-to-video period that stand out for you, either as films or as filmmaking experiences? Was I in that? As an actor — it feels like it was one movie after another. They all seem like the same thing more or less.

grace jones dolph lundgren relationship tips

I remember them, but nothing stands out as remarkable. That was a bit of a turning point, for me getting interested in film and movies again, and thinking maybe I can somehow make a difference. But I had to relearn and reeducate myself about everything.

The business had changed a lot in that time. The business changed a lot. And I was based in Europe. That went on for about four or five years. I still did about three or four movies. A bunch of movies, but nothing creatively too exciting. I think they took a lot of people by surprise. He sticks to his guns.

Very few people are like that. I would have thought it would be the other way around. Yeah, but the world has changed. That was 40 years ago. You co-wrote the script for your new movie, Skin Trade, and at one point you were going to direct it as well. Then the last film I directed was taken away from me by the producers. I was really upset about it. There were a lot of people involved in the editing, and so forth.

But it did get made. It has some things that I like. It has the right tone, a serious tone.

Dolph Lundgren - Wikipedia

I can talk about it as a human being, not just as an actor who kills people onscreen and beats them up. I think those movies sometimes have more legs, they have more impact on people than the ones where things are easily resolved.

Yeah, I have a little bit in Hail, Caesar! I play a Russian — surprise, surprise — because in the movie, Channing Tatum, he plays a guy who wants to defect to the Soviet Union because he loves the uniforms.

I play a submarine commander. It was really cool.

Eurohunk Dolph Lundgren Takes on America's Ultimate Tag Team: Sly Stallone and Grace Jones

I really enjoyed meeting the Coen brothers and watching them work a little bit. So it was kind of interesting. However weird it was for you to be there, it was weirder for him to be there with you. I get it — the characters I play are larger than life in a different way. They were really nice to me.

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It was a good experience. But does it feel like a validation in any way, that people are able to imagine you as something more than the karate guy or Ivan Drago? Yeah, I think so. This innovation, associating the muscle image with the Vietnam experience, is carried over into other contemporary muscle films. The film portrays screenwriter William Gibson 's dystopian cyberpunk view of the future with the world dominated by megacorporations and with strong East Asian influences. Lundgren plays Karl Honig, a Jesus -obsessed hit man and street preacher who wears a robe and carries a shepherd's staff.

Critical response was negative overall; Roger Ebert said, "Johnny Mnemonic is one of the great gestures of recent cinema, a movie which doesn't deserve one nanosecond of serious analysis.

The cloak worn by Lundgren in the film is now located in the lobby of the Famous Players Coliseum in Mississauga, Ontarioit was his last theatrical release film until Marshall who gets caught up in politics when he is hired to solve the assassination of a Cuban ambassador.

He's still a terrific athlete, but shows signs of histrionic mobility here. The threat is from a terrorist group, which has stolen the President's personal communications computer with the capability of launching the US arsenal to threaten global security. Michael Haag in his book Templars: A pity they did not spend a cent on research citing that one reference was years out Lundgren is a butt-kicking Templar monk with a spiked leather glove whose sacred duty it is to do what the Templars have always done and stop a key that has kept the Anti-christ imprisoned for thousands of years from falling into the right hands.

The film was a joint American and South African production. The Video Guide to said, "that noise you hear isn't the numerous on-screen explosions but action star Lundgren's career hitting rock bottom. One review said "the narrative is laughably stupid" and the DVD and Video Guide to said, "dull, lightweight, made-for-TV action fully to a satisfying climax". Film review dismissed the film and Lundgren's performance as "more Lundgren lunacy". He portrays Matt Sorenson, a former boxer and San Francisco cop who avenges the brutal death of his younger brother, Michael.

Intent on finding his brother's killer, Sorenson infiltrates the powerful inner world of politics, business intrigue and casual sex and sadomasochism. This post apocalyptic movie is set in in the context of a 9. The film is set during the Cold Warand is about two soldiers trapped on a submarine with a group of terrorists who plan to use a chemical weapon against the United States. Lundgren's character, Matt Hendricks, must work with his wife, a virologist, to prevent the scenario occurring.

This subpar effort sinks to the bottom of the ocean in a tidal wave of cliche. InLundgren featured in Sidney J. He portrays a soon to be retired high school history teacher and ex-Special Forces soldier Sam Decker who has one last detention to proctor; he must band together the trouble makers and misfits in detention to defeat a drug ring intent on taking over the school. Furieportraying Sergeant Frank Gannon, an officer who has spent the last three years on the Direct Action Unit DAU task force, fighting gang crime and corruption and after he leaves he is hunted down by former colleagues for betraying the brotherhood.

Reviews of the film were so poor that it remains on the IMDb 's Bottom as one of the worst movies ever made. It tells the story of "a group of genetically unique people who travel back in time to prevent the discovery of meteors containing deadly bacteria. Furie who got ill during pre-production, with The Defenderin which he also starred alongside Shakara Ledard and Jerry Springerwho played the President of the United States.

Sky Movies remarked that The Mechanik is "hardcore death-dealing from the Nordic leviathan" and said that "The Mechanik delivers all the no-nonsense gunplay you'd want of a Friday night". Murray Abraham and Ornella Muti. I had such low expectations for this movie, but was glad to have been proven wrong. I know about the negative reviews this movie has gotten and some of the criticism is well deserved while some of it is a bit unfair. InLundgren directed and starred in the Mongolia -based action adventure, Diamond Dogs.

Lundgren portrays the character of Xander Ronson, a mercenary hired by a group of American fortune hunters to act as their guide and bodyguard, while they search for a priceless Buddhist artifact deep within the Chinese wilderness. They get more than they bargained for, however, as they come face to face with Russian mercenaries also after the artifact.

The film, a Canadian-Chinese production, was shot on location in Inner Mongolia.

grace jones dolph lundgren relationship tips

Described as a "modern western" by Lundgren, [] He plays a lone, Bible-preaching stranger named Ryder who comes into a small Texas town on his 's Harley-Davidson motorcycle to attend the funeral of his good friend J. According to Lundgren, it had long been a desire of his to direct a western, having long been a fan of Clint Eastwood and John Wayneyet he did not want to spend the time and money building an old western town and hiring horses, so decided to set it in modern times with a motorbike instead of entering the town on a horse in the manner than Clint Eastwood would.

He plays the role of Mike Riggins, an imprisoned ex-US Special forces operative in Eastern Europe, who is offered his freedom and money to rescue an American woman, Ana Gale, who has been kidnapped by a ruthless warlord.

This was followed by another direct to video film Command Performancea hostage action drama in which Lundgren, a proficient musician in real life, plays a rock drummer forced to face terrorists at a concert in Moscow. The film co-starred Canadian pop singer Melissa Smithplaying a world-famous pop singer in the film and his own daughter Ida on her screen debut, who played one of the daughters of the Russian president. The story was inspired by a concert Madonna put on for Russian President Vladimir Putinalthough Dolph has also likened the pop singer to Britney Spears.

Regenerationwhere he plays Andrew Scott's clone. The film was released theatrically in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and directly to video in the United States and other parts of the world. Since its release, the film has received better than average reviews for a straight-to-DVD franchise sequel, with film critic Brian Orndorf giving the film a B, calling it "moody, pleasingly quick-draw, and knows when to quit, making the Universal Soldier brand name bizarrely vital once again.

He tries to escape from his past life, but his identity is discovered and he is hunted down, placing the lives of his wife and daughter and himself in jeopardy. The film is about a group of elite mercenaries, tasked with a mission to overthrow a Latin American dictator.

It was described by Lundgren as "an old-school, kick-ass action movie where people are fighting with knives and shooting at each other. The film received mixed reviews from critics but was very successful commercially, opening at number one at the box office in the United States, the United Kingdom, [] China [] and India.