Imago relationship therapy weekend workshops on historic home

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imago relationship therapy weekend workshops on historic home

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a commonly used model of couples therapy Workshops utilizing IRT methods have been shown to improve relational satisfaction and home. My mom caught my dad cheating on her and he had forgotten about me. Sexual strategies theory: Historical origins and current status. You can experience the benefits of Imago Therapy in two ways: Attend a workshop or receive expert coaching in couples therapy sessions – or both! Either way. Love Deep. Menu. Home · Why Therapy · What is Clinical Counselling · FAQ Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (12 days–Maureen Brine). Imago Working with Complex Trauma, RHAP Program (Residential Historical Abuse)– Dr. Gold Non-Violent Communication Six-week Workshop, Langara College– Raj Gill.

Other approaches include art therapies, hypnosis and mindfulness. She also works with couples using Imago Relationship therapy.

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She is experienced regarding Board development, strategic planning, fundraising and conference planning. She was 3 time chair of the Alumni Conference which routinely drew participants.

Harville Hendrix - Imago Therapy for Couples Counselling: Part one

Personal interests include sailing on Lake Michigan, gourmet cooking, gardening and photography. She is the mother of two grown daughters, grandmother of one and widowed in She loves connecting with Imago colleagues and regions around the globe, and passionately believes in the vision that was shared at the Global Summit in Toronto in —WE are WE.

Getting the Love You Want – Couples Weekend Workshop - Imago Public Site

She is also committed to the Imago community becoming more dialogical. Her experience includes hospital clinical and public health work with individuals and families of all age groups and a variety of economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds, and home health nursing directed toward assessment and follow up of individuals with DD, PD and frail health needs.

To cooperate with these natural impulses means opening up to unforgettable lessons about life, love and healing. This workshop is a "not-to-be-missed" experience!

imago relationship therapy weekend workshops on historic home

Get your journey off the ground with an Imago Workshop. You'll explore your pasts, examine your feelings and learn a series of techniques and excercises for strengthening your relationship.

Getting the Love You Want – Couples Weekend Workshop

Of these, the most important is The Imago Dialogue, a safe way of communicating your deepest feelings to each other. We believe so strongly in the Dialogue that we physically design our sessions around it.

An Imago Therapist sits between you, acting as facilitator for your conversation. Imago believes our job is to empower you to strengthen your own relationship. Get closer than ever with Imago Therapy.

imago relationship therapy weekend workshops on historic home

Couples in conscious relationships recognize that the committed partnership is a remarkable structure for healing and growth. We are especially invested in our wedding couples and want to help them have a long and happy future!

  • Grow Your Professional Practice
  • Connect with each other like never before.
  • Get your journey off the ground with an Imago Workshop.

We deeply believe in these values and in expanding our care before and after the big day. Mark was a family doctor for 12 years and then specialized in general psychiatry in the community. They have been presenting weekend Couples Days for over 11 years, which is a testimony to the vibrancy of the material and the courage of their couples. They claim they never tire of the work but, rather, continue to feel privileged to deliver valuable learning to couples willing to learn.

Imago Relationship Therapy is based on the teachings of Dr.