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Credits: Getty Images Europe They added: "The GQ Awards must be the event Sir Michael is talking about ` it was a couple of years ago in. Billy Connolly with his ex wife Iris and children in September (Image: Daily Record) 49, with his late wife Iris Pressagh and daughters Daisy, 34, Amy, 32, and a psychiatrist, and what her profession means to their relationship. . to watchdogThe make-up artist was issued an Advice Notice after it. You will have all the craic with her. And no, it has nothing to do with class-A drugs . 2. You may think you speak the same language, but have.

Big yin and his yang

Billy Connolly's battle with Parkinson's disease is taking its toll Image: Getty Images Europe Read More Billy Connolly's Parkinson's battle taking its toll as comedian 'no longer recognises close friends' Parkinson's affects the brain and causes involuntary shaking, slow movement and stiff muscles. It can also affect smell, disrupt sleep patterns, cause balance and memory problems and spark depression and anxiety.

There is no known cure for the condition. Billy will have the support of his loving wife, Pamela Stephenson, who he married inhis five children, and his grandchildren, who he has spoken of a lot over the years. Billy Connolly with his ex wife Iris and children in September Image: Speaking to the Guardian inBilly opened up about his "Victorian" family values. And he spoke of how he still cares for his children as if they're six years old.

Billy and Iris play with their kids in Image: Daily Record He said: When we're crossing the road, I go, 'Righto, here we go! All that kind of stuff is sad, but you just have to get used to it and grow up a wee bit. Billy and wife Pamela Stephenson Image: The comedian and actor was diagnosed with the illness five years ago and said he has been in touch with scientists to put himself forward. The year-old said he has contacted a group at Harvard University in Massachusetts, US, whose stem cell institute is a key leader in research into Parkinson's.

Research guinea pig Sir Billy spoke about it in a book that is currently being serialised in the Mail on Sunday. And he said his Parkinson's disease is the first thing he thinks about every day and added: His long-time friend, actor Dustin Hoffman, presented him with the award. To celebrate this achievement we take a look back at the life and career of Connolly.

Click on the picture to see more. When he was four years old, their mother abandoned him and his elder sister while their father was serving in the Royal Air Force in Burma. The siblings then grew up under the care of their paternal aunts.

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He worked there for a few years before pursuing a career in showbiz. His first solo album Billy Connolly Live!

  • Safe to say, it helped deliver a much needed laugh in the midst of today’s political events.
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This was followed by the release of a double album and smash hit single, D. Erect for 30 Years. The success of his stand-up acts led to a career in television and films.