Kanzaki nao akiyama shinichi relationship goals

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kanzaki nao akiyama shinichi relationship goals

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot- focused Pairing(s): Akiyama Shinichi/Kanzaki Nao; Tags: Friendship, Post- Canon. Their relationship is undeniably positive and supportive, and there's so much trust Akiyama x Nao Moments: Volume 1In "Akiyama Shinichi" I am almost positive that your friends share interests and goals of the like. .. outcome of this game is in your hands, Kanzaki Nao”, because I knew that Akiyama. Things I like about Akiyama and Nao's relationship: I like that it's obvious I like the way that Akiyama always supports Nao's objectives, even when Tags: liar game akiyama shinichi kanzaki nao I think i'm going to do this.

kanzaki nao akiyama shinichi relationship goals

It worked; she was given a nametag and hustled to the main hall. Round II Edit Nao was suprised to find that there were 20 other people there, all with nametags like hers. However, she never expected to see Akiyama dash through the doors in the nick of time. She was overjoyed to see a friendly face, but had to calm her nerves in order not to miss anything the man at the front was saying.

After Leronira's explaination, the practice round started.

Liar Game Fic: "Trust" (PG) - Akiyama/Nao: kantayra_fic

The question was "Are you a woman? However, that was the thought of most of the male players, as well, who lied and voted "yes" to avoid being the majority. Nao was shocked to see "Yes" as the majority, and even more shocked when Akiyama told her what had happened. Nao went to her hotel room, not knowing what to do. She tried to come up with a plan, but the best she could think of would be to form a minority with the other players, which she couldn't figure out how to do.

She went down to the main hall, and was suprised to see the rest of the players there, as well. She went over to Akiyama, who told her that she should talk to the players to see what type of people they were.

She decided to do so. She ignored the thought of interviewing No. Miura Takayoshi said that he only moved on to the second round because he thought it might be as easy as the first.

He was trying to figure out what might happen if you were to lose, which lead to his odd comment that Nao would fetch a high price on the slave market, much to her disdain. Matsubara Fumio told of how he quickly invested his winnings from the first round, not knowing that there was a second until too late.

After listening to Nao talk about what she had discovered, he took her back to her room and explained his plan to her. He also told her about the mysterious Mr.

Xwho had stolen the million yen from Michiko Tadakaand how they should be certain not to include him in their 8-person group. Upon hearing that Mr. X was definitely a young male, Nao listed off a few people, considering whether or not they might be Mr.

X, and finally came to the conclusion that they only needed to invite all the women Miyahara HitomiMakihara YukiNishihara ReinaTamura Makiko and Hosoe Jyunand Matsubara Fumiosince he would not be thought to be young. Nao managed to persuade them all to join, with a signed contract as insurance. The first vote went off with relative ease. Nao voted Yes, along with Akiyama, Miyahara, and Matsubara. This put her in the minority, much to her excitement. In the break before the second vote, she spoke with Miyahara about how they should split their votes.

Miyahara wanted to split the votes by gender, which Nao saw no problem with. However, Akiyama said that they should have one man and woman on each side in case something went wrong, though his real reasoning was to make sure that Matsubara and Miyahara didn't suspect them of conspiring to take the money for themselves.

Nao voted No along with Matsubara, putting them in the Majority. They were eliminated, and Nao was concerned to see No. During the third vote, Nao called Akiyama to see what was happening. Akiyama told her that they had decided that he should vote Yes, while Miyhara voted No, to ensure that the final round would end successfully. She was thrilled when she heard that Miura Takayoshi and No. Or so she assumed, for she did not expect what happened next.

Miyahara revealed herself to be a male transvestite named Fukunaga Yujiand since he had not signed his real name on the contract, he was not legally bound to share the money with the rest of the group. What's more, he was, in fact, Mr. However, Nao was thrilled to hear that Akiyama had a trump card, voting No along with Fukunaga, thus bringing it to a tie, and therefore, re-vote.

She was left in the dark until after the vote, when she heard that Akiyama managed to win by teaming up with No. Akiyama moved on to the next round, sharing his money with Nao and the rest of his allies. Nao was prepared to drop out of the game, but was convinced otherwise by the lawyer who had previously betrayed her, Tanimura Teruo.

She then entered the Revival Round in order to save those still trapped in the game's clutches. Revival Round Edit Upon arriving at the Revival Round's building and being briefed on the rules, she was surprised to see that everyone there was already set on voting out Fukunaga for his earlier betrayal. However, Fukunaga had other things in mind, and during the icebreaker he set up revealed that Nao actually had more than enough money to drop out.

This changed their minds, instead choosing to alternate votes in order to make it so Nao had the least votes. It gets complex fast, expecially after it's revealed midway through the match that the optimal outcome of this game is not to win but to lose with more money, and therefore each team should really be trying to channel their money into an ATM to which they don't have direct access. The game for the fourth round, Musical Chairs, has three, possibly four chessmasters vying for power.

In the end, one of the chessmasters turns out to be serving as a proxy for Akiyama. Obiviously happens again in the last round, where Yokoya appears to be winning handily while Akiyama is actually trying to bring the game to a deadlock. The series is about the characters trying to outsmart one another and also about Nao trying to outsmart the system.

Good Is Not Dumb: Nao starts off extremely naive, honest and easily manipulated. As the game continues, however, she grows out from her naivety and becomes a better player in the games while retaining her good heart. At the end of the Bid Poker round, Harimoto becomes this after witnessing how Nao's kindness managed to win the loyalty of all the other players involved in the round.

He is actually glad for his loss, as it allows him to open his eyes to his own wrongdoings. Surprisingly, Yokoya at the end as well. Heart Is an Awesome Power: After getting over her initial naiveteNao becomes one of the most dangerous players in the Liar Game because of her honesty. The other players eventually realize that she actually means it when she claims that she wants to save everyone, thus making her the only person who anyone can reliably trust, making her a Magnetic Hero capable of holding together alliances between the normally self-serving players.

And when she does decide to deceive people, she turns out to be pretty good at it, partly because nobody expects her to be able to pull it off, let alone try in the first place, until it's too late. She has even Yokoya doing exactly what she wants him to do because he underestimates her capacity to deceive him, and she knows exactly how Yokoya works and which buttons to press. During the events of the B block's Bid Poker game, Fukunaga gave up all her money to save Kaneko — at that time the only person who refused to join Yokoya, so that the latter could continue the next round with excess money, while Fukunaga herself was eliminated from the game for her loss.

Hoist by His Own Petard: The Liar Game has been funded by the bribe intended to silence the creator of its previous iteration. Used occasionally, whether to simply provide someone clueless to whom the Combat Commentator can explain the situation or for actual plot purposes. Most secondary characters grab it at least once, expecially when they try tricking one of the actually competent conmen.

At the beginning, Nao grabs it very often It's often a part of the Gambit Pileupssince in most of the games players have to work with incomplete information and can't verify what other players say. Gets said countless times in various forms, mostly using the phrase "This is the Liar Game; it's a game where you lie.

During the Minority Rule round, the fact that Fukunaga knew that the stolen money was in the form of a check rather than cash told Akiyama that she was Mr. This is the reason why the protagonist is so important - with her naive and righteous attitude she can serve as The Heart for her team, because she is the only one in the game anyone can ally with reliably.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Akiyama seems this at the beginning, when he basically forces Nao to beg him for help. After a short while, though, the "jerk" part has been removed Without a doubt the most important trope of the series.

That's how Akiyama manipulates others: That's also why everyone feels trapped in the games of the LGT: Yokoya opts to squeeze hamsters, when we need to see just how evil he is. Knight In Sour Armor: Akiyama doesn't share Nao's idealism, but he still goes to greath lengths to do the right thing.

Know When to Fold 'Em: He realized that it was the only way he had to come out of the situation looking like a hero rather than a loser. The dealers expect this to happen during several games. Expecially notable during the Contraband Game, where a team can achieve true victory only through this. Lost Him in a Card Game: Apparently, there's one building up now between Nao, Akiyama, and Fukunaga.

It's pretty obvious that Akiyama only regards Fukunaga's feelings with awkwardness, but it's unclear how he feels about Nao The Magic Poker Equation: Justified ; because of the special seventeen-card decks being used, the weakest possible hand in the entire game is a pair of Jacks, so it's not surprising that the players routinely pull off amazing hands.

Even more notable once Kikuchi becomes able to manipulate the shuffling to put the Joker into his hand every time, guaranteeing a three-of-a-kind or better. Then by the ninth hand, Akiyama figures out how to guarantee a four-of-a-kind. The higher-ranked LGT Officials wear creepy white masks, and continue to wear them even when they are hidden in a separate room to comment on the game's progress. It's later revealed they do so to protect their identities, as all the higher-ranked officials are the players from the first Liar Game.

He's in a cloak and mask. Harimoto is more of a charismatic figurehead. Harimoto's way to bring new people in his cult: Akiyama uses this trope in the first chapter to avoid the paparazzi waiting for him when he gets released from prison.

When a prison who looks nothing like Akiyama appears to leave instead of him, a nearby guard explains that Akiyama is one of these, prompting the paparazzi to chase after the man. It then turns out that Akiyama disguised himself as the guard. Akiyama latter uses this to help Nao win the first round of the Liar game by sending their opponent a notice with the wrong time the LGT will show up, and shows up at that time as someone who looks like they could be from the LGT. Since at this point nobody knew that the LGT were supposed to look like Malevolent Masked Menthe plan goes off without a hitch.

During the last game, Yokoya manages to defeat Akiyama and Nao's teams, preventing them from saving the other players.

Let her go - Sezaki Kota & Hatori Hikaru (Akiyama couple)

Then Akiyama's plan deadlocks the game before its end. Leronira is usually the one to explain Akiyama's plans to his fellow masked officials.

Some of the others, like Nearco, make useful contributions to the discussion, but Leronira is usually the one who makes the concluding statements about the Gambit Pileup when the round ends. Mind you, everyone has to pay it back eventually, but still The final chapter reveals the LGT is actually a Benevolent Conspiracy in opposition to the real Nebulous Evil Organizationa powerful government who silenced the author of the Liar Game novels and interrupted the original Liar Game out of fear of the people learning how to trust each other and rebel against them.

Norihiko Yokoya is a scrawny guy who, in his high school years, used his intelligence and monetary power to establish a social pecking order on campus that allowed the members of the "higher" order to bully the people from the "lower classes". Before the Pandemic Game, the LGT gives all the players a nickname to make it easier to keep track of them.

Every Unwitting Pawn when they realize it. Also most villains when they are defeated. The Omniscient Council of Vagueness: Leronira and the other LGT Dealers act like this in their backroom discussions.

kanzaki nao akiyama shinichi relationship goals

The LGT relies on people doing this to make their profits, since people opting out get to keep half of their winnings while losers have to pay back the entirety of their debts. Kikuchi in the second revival round. He was very confident that his keen eyesight could help him win the poker game, but Akiyama overcame his disadvantage in vision by a far superior analytical skill. At the end of the Contraband Game, Akiyama has been outgambitted by Yokoya: Akiyama's team won and Yokoya's team lost, but Yokoya is the only player who managed to make a profit by pushing the losses on his teammates.

The only thing that prevents it from being a complete loss is Nao managing to trick Yokoya into staying in the game because of his pride. Basically every round ends with everyone but the winner being this. Every game involves this trope, in some form. Most games involve several plans by several groups of people. Nao, after Character Development. She gets some moments where she shows she has become more competentbut she often makes the same errors she was making in the first chapters.

The manga short Roots of A looks at Akiyama during his senior year of college. The only thing that can give you a real advantage during the games. Also, it's the main reason why the "Unknown Government" has gone to such lengths to prevent the novel and subsequently, the Liar Game show from getting out.

They want its citizens to remain divided. Apparently, Nao also manages to restore Harimoto's faith in humanity after the Bid Poker round. At the very end, it's revealed that the whole thing is meant to restore humanity's faith in humanity.

In the first ten episodes of the Drama's first season, the LGT Office is vague and mysterious, just like in the Manga, with no leader in sight. The eleventh episode plugs a man named Hasegawa into the role at every turn, rewriting the reason why Nao and Akiyama were even thrown into the Liar Game.

And THEN, the second season reveals that Hasegawa wasn't even the creator of it; he just invested a lot of money, despite the first season stating specifically that he was, with Leronira coming to him for instructions. Every arc ends with a big reveal, after which the manga usually needs an entire chapter for Akiyama to explain how he managed to do the amazing thing he just did.

The original writer was assassinated by his government since his trilogy was meant to instill an uprising, but the two books that were now in the public domain could be used as a model to recreate the events in the story, revealing the core theme that was supposed to inspire the masses into a revolution. After 18 years in hiding and 5 billion Singapore dollars in "compensation now shut up" from said government, the film director decided to try again, using the bribe as his budget for the entire series.

Nao and Akiyama ended up solving the mystery of the book series by creating their own uprising: Mizuki Kaneko goes this route instead of quitting the game, to avenge Fukunaga. Or at least she pretends to, as part of a scheme to help Akiyama and Nao. The second Revival Round has a harmless variant of this. Near the end of the Minority Rule game, Akiyama's nameplate, which he had given to player 15, reappears on Akiyama for one panel before he gets it back.

Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: Yokoya for Kikuzawa and, indeed, Kikuzawa's entire school. Screw the Money, I Have Rules! Nao and Akiyama run on this, constantly giving back their large winnings, and even incurring massive debts of their own to save the opponents they just defeated. Screw the Rules, I Have Money! Yokoya's modus operandi, since he was very rich before starting the game. It's also the last trick up his sleeve in the Pandemic game, where it backfires spectacularly.

At the end of the series the Liar Game ends after being revealed to be a False Cruciblethe events are put up on the internet to be viewed by all, only to be removed within hours. At this, Akiyama states that the darkness of the world runs far deeper than they can imagine. Not to mention this little scene where Akiyama takes Nao's hand to demonstrate something.

Akiyama x Nao Moments: Volume 1 | The Liar Game

There is the panel where Nao looks concerned and wonders whether Akiyama went to sleep from exhaustion during the fourth round's night break. The fact that especially in the beginning, Akiyama would always come to Nao's rescue and help her out with little to no personal profit. In the first Revival Round, one player talks about the Lycaons, a fictional baseball team from One Outs, another manga by Kaitani. The protester in chapter looks a lot like " Tank Man ".

It's obvious the author looks very deeply at each game. Fukunaga during the Minority Rule and Restructuring arcs, though she gets better and becomes an ally.

kanzaki nao akiyama shinichi relationship goals

Yokoya likes to think of himself as The Chessmaster or a Magnificent Bastardbut his gross overconfidence and condescending attitude towards his enemies quite often keep him from succeeding. This can be seen in the Pandemic Game as well as the Liar Game finale. Nao is the only developed female characters on the "good" side, considering Fukunaga is a MtF transsexual but is still treated as male by most of the characters.

Lampshaded during the fourth round, where the LGT assigns her the nickname "the only girl". Sorting Algorithm of Evil: The first round's major opponent is Nao's middle school teacher, who's not particularly clever.

The second round has Fukunagawhile the third round has Yokoya. The fifth and last round has Yokoya as an enemy again, after he managed to learn in advance what the game would have been, becoming even more dangerous. Subverted in Revival Rounds, that are more or less in-universe Breather Episodes. In these rounds the opponents are still very dangerous, but usually less dangerous than in the previous round. Spanner in the Works: Akiyama sees Nao as this in regards to the Liar Game's objective to make money.

The "Extra Alliance" in the Musical Chairs game throws a major wrench into the until-then three-way battle with Harimoto, Yokoyo, and Akiyama. Taking You with Me: This turns out to be Yokoya's plan in the final round.

The remaining finalists have been split into four teams, and Yokoya managed to get Nao on his team and Akiyama on another. Then he teamed up with the remaining two teams to take down Akiyama's team and then make his own team lose. He's already rich, so he can get out of his debts easily, but Akiyama and Nao will both lose, which is all he wants by this point.

However, he failed to take into account Akiyama tricking the remaining two teams into forcing the game into a deadlock. Fukunaga comments on this in the fourth round break. He goes from scarily competent to accurately predicting the game of the third revival round, right down to the exact name and workings.

Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Akiyama's mother was a very kind and honest person, just like Nao. Despite not having lots of money, she worked day and night to pay for her son's education until she fell ill and an old friend of hers deceptively pulled her into an MLM. Despite honestly working hard, she finally realized that she was never paid and her debt remained the same.

Liar Game Fic: "Trust" (PG-13) - Akiyama/Nao

When she tried to get out of it, the company required a huge sum of money to do so which she would never have been able to pay off. So she took her life in order to save Akiyama's education.

Fukunaga admitted to be a MtF trans. Every spoken plan is either fatally flawed or already used by a rival.