Oranges are not the only fruit mother daughter relationship

oranges are not the only fruit mother daughter relationship

A list of all the characters in Oranges are Not the Only Fruit. Jeanette's mother adopted Jeanette because she wanted to train her daughter to be a servant of. Jeanette's mother keeps her daughter from going to school until legal The Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit quotes below are all either spoken by .. about her mother healing the sick, the strenuous relationship with her. In addition, this study observes how power relation is depicted in Oranges are not The Only Fruit especially in mother and daughter relationship in which the.

Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body.

oranges are not the only fruit mother daughter relationship

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Now, suspend judgment and try seeing the situation from the perspective of Mother. From the very beginning, Mother has done all she can to raise Jeanette to be a perfect instrument of the Lord as she sees it.

Jeanette the Child is precisely that perfect instrument. With the onset of puberty, Jeanette becomes aware of her sexual orientation which leads her to seek relationships and to perform acts which are clearly, strictly forbidden within their faith community.

oranges are not the only fruit mother daughter relationship

Jeanette knows this but acts on and justifies her homosexuality. In doing so, she willfully rejects at least that portion of the teachings of her church, thus she makes herself a "demon" in the eyes of her church.

On Jeanette's Mother in Jeanette Winterson's Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

Furthermore, Jeanette is rejecting not only the church, but her mother as well. Mother sees Jeanette's abandonment of both the path of righteousness and the holy work she was trained to do as both a personal humiliation and a betrayal performed publicly by Jeanette.

Accordingly, mother's rejection of the "Demon Jeanette" is not a rejection of her daughter, but rather an embracing of the daughter she thinks she raised. Namely, the tellers and writers of stories, as well as their listeners and readers, must never forget that the story they're involved with is but one version of the real story and should never be considered to be the whole story.

Anyway, I thank my lack of god for the Pentecostals!

oranges are not the only fruit mother daughter relationship

No, really, truly, and literally! Addendum In the referenced sceneJeanette, employed as a funeral home worker, serves ice cream to the mourners at the funeral reception for Elsie, Jeanette's fellow churchmember and elderly friend.

In addition to Elsie's family, the mourners are members of Jeanette's former church, including her mother.

oranges are not the only fruit mother daughter relationship

The churchmembers are so offended by the presence of apostate Jeanette that they unceremoniously leave the funeral home: