Persona 4 relationship faq

“The Love Grind”: Relationships as Gameplay in Persona 4 and Fire Emblem: Awakening

persona 4 relationship faq

Normally, Persona 4 Golden is probably the type of game that I would a job, and building relationships – but also in the game's supernatural. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and Max Social Link Guide, 02/03/09, penguin_knight, , 89K You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. This is a list of all Personas in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden. Each name is hyperlinked to a table of the Persona's attributes and skills. Contents[show] Fool.

On school days she is on the school roof top; on weekends she hangs out at Daidara. Link Day answers s: The sport club is on the ground floor, through a big door situated at the end of the corridor. You may go to sport club by coming to this door again in the future, or by talking to the sport club pal right outside your class room on non-rainy Tue, Thu, and Sat. It'd also be available on Wednesday once you reach a higher rank. Sun social link is the cultural club.

There are two of them: Sun social link goes on even on rainy days. It's a perfect number Note: Today you should also meet Ai at the Strength social link. This is one of the criteria to start the Moon social link. After clearing the Castle, choose "Let's call it a day" Note: Fuse a Sun persona at the dungeon. The lowest one you can get is probably Cu Sith Requires level Also, there will be a few Aiya meals coming up, each of them is yen, so save about 12, here if you can.

And lastly, try to level up to 17, we'd need to fuse a persona for the next dungeon. N1 Check the fridge Note: Last day to clear Castle or game over. If not cleared yet, do it today, otherwise visit Aiya; reset if the Aiya meal does not increase Courage.

A Close Look at Social Links and their functions in Persona 4

The Aiya meal on rainy day is insanely expensive: However, it randomly increase 3 out of four status parameters except Expression in one time slot and hence is a very nice way to boost your stats. In the beginning we need some Courage to initiate Moon; that is the reson of resetting.

Justice link is automatically started today. In future you can advance this link by talking to Nanako in the sitting room. Notice that Justice link is a bit weird: Try to stick to this link's schedule in this guide more strictly.

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Hermit is a special social link. You don't rank up by meeting, instead, you rank up by fulfilling the people's wishes written on the wooden plaque.

These wishes are incorporated into the 50 in-game quests. Fox will also join force from now on and provide SP recovery to you in the dungeon for a sky-high price. At rank 1, it's 60 yen per SP; at rank 10, it'd be only 15 yen. Link Night answer s: Talk to your uncle tonight so start the Hierophant link. Like Justice, Hierophant link also has some requirement on Expression in order to advance, and it also ends earlier than other social links.

Persona 4 Golden: Asking Chie & Yukiko Straight Out

If you are following this guide, try harder to stick to Hierophant--it has less wiggle room. Reset if the Aiya meal does not increase Courage.

Off Today 1 Note: Accept Chariot's phone invitation. If you do that, adjust the reading of the Teacher series by picking one speed read and two slow read. N1 Make lunch Simmer with a drop lid Note: If you have reached Courage Rk 3, the Moon Flag is available today.

FAQ - Persona 4 Information

Moon Ai is at the front door of the school, next to the shoe cabinets. You'll also get the first quest from Fox today. If you are lost, check http: A bit on making lunch: That means you'd find some ingredients in the fridge and you can decide to make lunch.

Making lunch takes up the evening time. Every time the MC makes a new dish and you'd be asked to choose one out of three recipes. If you pick a right one, you'd usually get a dish for tomorrow and three baits. The next day, during lunch break, you can decide whom to invite for lunch. Having lunch with a social link contributes points, too. Having matching persona will help. Becauser there wouldn't be any chance for you to sort out your persona before the lunch invitation, make sure you have it by the end of today.

Moon link can be found next to the shoe cabinets at the school entrance every Wed, Thu, and Fri after school. The babysitting job can be initiated by checking the bus stop. It is at the other side of the gas station, right at the beginning when you enter the shopping district. If courage is still not at 3, tell Yousuke that you like neither of the girls to get some Courage bonus. Priestess link is accessible from now on every non-rainy Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu.

If you have not done the Moon Flag event, today is the day to make it up. Off Today 2 Note: Exam result is posted today.

persona 4 relationship faq

You can also explore the Bathhouse from now on. Off Today 3 Note: If you're of level 17 or above, fuse a Sarasvati today to get extra EXP. Her ability to recover SP every turn would help tremendously. If you still haven't reached Courage Rk 3, beat the optional boss at the Castle for a bonus. Don't forget to search the throne for a fighting fan. The Gentle Way 1 Note: The Gentle Way 4 Note: Witch Detective 3 Note: After today, you can get a fish bait from a lady standing outside your home, one a day.

She is a on the top of the slope outside your home. Last day to clear Bathhouse or game over. Forever Marcho 2 Note: From the play, Hamlet; After school: Kitao from Santo Inc. Today you'll meet the character of Hang man social link through the health committee meeting, we'll call it Flag 1.

Today we can talk to the Hang man social link again for the 2nd Flag. It requires rank 3 in Understanding.

How to Date Yukiko in "Persona 4" | It Still Works

The Punk's Way 2 Note: She'd talk about Kanji peeking into the tailoring club. You can find these correct answers on each Arcana's page. If you want to spend time with a character, and the game says something like, "Your relationship is ready to become closer," you'll rank up no matter what, but you might not progress as far into the next rank as much as you could by giving the perfect answers.

In other words, it won't affect that rank you'll be getting then and there, but for the next rank, you might have to spend time rather than getting a rank-up the next time you meet-up with that Social Link.

persona 4 relationship faq

However, getting questions to rank up a social link isn't always available. Sometimes a character can be found wandering around town, instead of at their usual spots. If you see them around town, spending time with them will most likely increase the friendship meter, but it won't increase the rank. On top of that, the scenes are fun to watch. Can you have no girl friend? All the potential lover links now give you one to many chances to declare your feeling towards them.

If you choose not to develop, you two will become friends. Some dialogues may change, but you can still max the social links and get the ultimate personae regardless you have picked the friend or lover route.

I cannot find my school-related social links!! Rainy days close most of them. On top of that, remember the week before tests and exams, all the school-related social links are also unavailable.

Which social links level up by themselves? Highlight to show spoilers: Which social link does not need a matching persona?

What's up with the afternoon invitation? There are two types of invitations. The one that comes from the right of the screen is a reminder telling you that there will be a chance of meeting with that persona today, and such meeting will be a ranking up event. You don't need to say anything. If you don't go today, the ranking will still happen if you see them the other day. The other one that comes from the left of the screen is a real invitation.

If you say "no", you can still meet with that person after school. However, if you say "yes", you will instantly enter the meeting after school note: Without any chance to sort out your persona and have a conversation with them.

The benefit of that is you will have bonus to all your answer, additionally, this bonus stacks with your matching persona. What's up with making lunch? Along the story, there are multiple occasions in which Nanako will tell you she has done some shopping; this means you'd find some cooking ingredient in the fridge. You can choose to make lunch, which will take up your evening time slot.

During the cooking, there will be some options, if you pick the right one, you'll always end up with the lunch and three baits.