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tales of symphonia relationship

Those magical rainbow circles! Whenever I find these, I'll record both negative and positive answers. Each character in Tales of Symphonia is a masterpiece in all aspects, including dialogue, the relationship/affection system, voice, and design. Except Colette. Tales of Symphonia is a Japanese role-playing game released for the Nintendo GameCube on .. During the Blood Purge, she was saved by Ratatosk and is the reason of her initial affection towards Emil. Ratatosk attached a fake Ratatosk.

The character with the highest affection value is known as Lloyd's "soul mate" and will have additional interactions at certain places in the game see "Effects of Affection" below for a list. Quite by accident, a web search landed me on Namco's official FAQ website. I wasn't even looking for information on affection I was looking for the food chart and I ended up here: I'd never heard of such a thing on any other FAQ, guide, forums, or other venue that I'd read or searched.

I decided it couldn't possibly be true and probably was just left over from the game design document or something. Still, my curiosity was piqued, so I decided to experiment. My first snafu was that the Namco solution incorrectly specifies Shrimp as an ingredient that raises Zelos's affection, so I spent about 60 battles accomplishing absolutely nothing and further convincing myself that the whole thing was bogus.

But, rather than just leaving it at that, something caused me to try Tuna next. I cooked using Tuna about 30 times, went to the fortune teller at Triet, checked my affection values Still, this didn't explain other oddities that I was seeing. Cooking seemed to increase and decrease affection at a finer granularity than things like conversation decisions.

I began to suspect that every dialogue choice actually raised affection by at least 20 points. But it was impossible to say for sure, especially since the fortune teller seemed erratic at best. Finally, in a fit of insanity, I purchased a USB Memory Adapter and hacked the save files to find those all-important affection bits and figure out just what in the world was happening behind the scenes.

The results surprised me Thus was born this affection guide, which utilizes data taken directly from saved games. While this does preclude me from "seeing" what is happening in real time I can only view changes when I can saveat least I can get very definite values and answers to a lot of nagging questions. It now includes information regarding Chronicles, but most testing was done on the GCN.

Furthermore, my experience is entirely with the English versions of the game, so if there are functional differences between the Japanese and the localizations, I won't know about them.

Original GameCube version notes are marked with "GC". I have no idea why they use this many bytes as it's really overkill, but whenever I flip someone's affection negative, all four bytes are affected, so I'm fairly certain they are all being used for affection. Affection is capped by the game at 10, per character in the positive direction.

What a waste of an int. Why not use a short? I haven't tested the lowerbound value; affection can go negative, but I haven't yet determined just how far you can tank someone's affection below zero.

Colette begins the game with affection. Everyone else starts at 0. You can see these in the "Affection Values" section later on. With this, Colette no longer gets the automatic point advantage. This copies the affection values of all nine of your party members, and then the decisions you make throughout the game will alter them from there.

When you go to Triet, you won't be able to view the values of people who you haven't gotten into your party yet, and the fortune teller's "I dunno" response will only take into consideration those that are included in her list at that moment, which might not necessarily be the character who actually has the highest value overall.

Purchasing the "Increase Tension" option alters how frequently characters go into Over Limit. It has no effect on affection. I have personally verified this. In the event of a tie for the topmost slot, the soul mate appears to be determined in the same order as the list that the fortune teller shows you which is also the same order that the characters are stored in the save file; that is: This means Colette wins out over everyone else, and Kratos loses out against anyone else.

The reverse is also true when deciding who is your lowest-affection character: Here is a guide for the values that you must have for each tier: You two are total soul mates! I find it curious that affection changes are almost always in multiples of 60, yet the fortune teller uses hundreds for her thresholds.

As you can see, the actual range of useful values is fairly small; and given the extreme size of the variables, it is possible to overshoot both "hopeless" and "soul mate" ranges quite severely. It is also possible to get multiple characters into "soul mate" or "hopeless" range simultaneously, though whoever has the highest value overall will still be the one considered to be Lloyd's soul mate even if he or she is not actually in "soul mate" range.

Here is what the fortune teller says for each character when that character is the soul mate and you choose the "I dunno" option: Don't try to hide your feelings.

tales of symphonia relationship

Someone already likes you. She is close to you and is always thinking of you. Her feelings for you are like a delicate flower. Through tender care and love, it could bloom into a beautiful, powerful bond. Don't try to hide it, because someone already wants to be your best friend. He is always making fun of you, but he really looks up to you.

He is attracted to the straight and honest way you live your life. He might become your best friend for life. She watches over you, sometimes stern and sometimes gentle.

She treats you coldly to hide the fact that she is really kind at heart. There is much that you can learn from her. You should grow up ASAP for her sake. Don't try to hide it, because someone already likes you.

You two are similar and get along well. She's a little rough, but that's because she's embarrassed to show her feelings. Deep in her heart, she needs you. You should answer her feelings of devotion.

He's always joking around, but he has high expectations for you. Perhaps he wants to live his life seriously like you. If you become his true best friend, his future will be bright. He lives his life punishing himself.

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He thinks that you may be able to heal his loneliness and regret. You two may be able to become like brothers. She has mature, lonely eyes and a sad heart that feels like some part of it is empty. She is uncertain about the state she finds herself in. She believes that you may be the one who can fill the void in her heart. Don't take too long to realize the feelings she has for you.

Although seemingly stolid, he is trying to guide you and show you the way. Hmm, this is strange. I can't see any more of his heart. Anyway, you should answer his trust. You two are like father and son. He loves you like a father. You should answer his trust. Otherwise referred to by me as skit circles, touching one of these brings up a dialogue between Lloyd and one of the other characters.

There is always one choice to be had here, and your decision, naturally, affects the character's affection. Okay, yes it was. Answering the skit "positively" has differing impact depending on the character, as follows: As you can see in the "Affection Tallies" section, this is necessary for them to reach the potential of the other characters, although Regal's are a little bit of an overkill.

Zelos, despite joining the party after Presea, enjoys no additional boost. And Colette, despite not needing a boost at all, gets six skits in total rather than the four or five that everyone else has. Notice that Regal's skit points alone are enough to send him from "a tiny bit of faith" straight into "a lot of faith" or even "soul mate" range depending on exactly where he started.

On the other hand, you can do all five of, say, Sheena's skits, and still not boost her out of "very highly" range. Answering a skit point "negatively" has no effect whatsoever.

The character does not gain or lose affection in this case. However, since you can only do each skit point once per play, this does mean that answering one negatively causes you to miss out on the affection gain it would otherwise grant. On the other hand, it is not possible to use skit points to deliberately lower a character's affection. For that, you would have to use cooking.

Cooking with disliked ingredients lowers affection by Whether the ingredient is optional or required seems to make no difference. Whether the cooking attempt succeeds or fails also seems to make no difference.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Support

Lloyd must be the one doing the cooking in order for this to happen. Also, in order to be affected a character has to be present in the party--although it is not necessary for him to actually be in your active battle force. As long as the character is there in your menu screen, he will be affected by things Lloyd cooks, even if he's sitting on the bench at the time. Cooking affects the affection values of petrified and KO'd characters as well, so you can't deliberately kill someone off to prevent him from being affected.

A single dish can affect multiple characters in the party simultaneously, depending on what ingredients are involved. The most major situation happens at Flanoirwhere the three characters with whom Lloyd has the highest affinity will approach him one-by-one in the inn. Whoever Lloyd chooses to speak with will have a unique conversation with him, while Colette BrunelZelos Wilderand Kratos Aurion will each give unique items.

tales of symphonia relationship

If Lloyd chooses to speak with Kratos here, a major consequence occurs in that Zelos will later betray the party, while Kratos rejoins; in any other situation, Zelos remains, while Kratos sidelines himself. A secondary situation happens later after making a pact with Origin. Mithos will possess the character with whom Lloyd has the highest affection, and that character will be unavailable for a period of time. Additionally, if the sidequest to obtain the swimsuit costumes is completed, only three characters receive them: Lloyd and the two characters who have the highest affection with him.

Tales of Innocence Tales of Innocence features the Bond system, where characters can increase their bond level with each other through completing skits, sidequests, and performing beneficial actions with each other in battle.

If you want to see them all, unlock the skit playback at the Katz village by beating the game once and then continuing on a new file. How can I tell how much a character likes me? The fortuneteller at Triet has all the answers. Talk to her and she'll offer to read how much your eight companions like Lloyd. If you say "I dunno What's the best way to raise affection? The most efficient way to raise affection is by finding glowing rings on the world map. See sections 7 and 8.

These initiate a conversation with another character, and you can gain a lot of trust by answering their comments positively. I can't shake Colette off of Lloyd! Follow this FAQ closely to avoid as many Colette uppers as possible, and be sure to answer negatively to her if you happen to get in an overworld skit with her. Sheena didn't offer to join in Luin! Sometimes this option appears, but sometimes she joins you later at the Asgard Ranch.

She'll join you a few minutes later in the story. Why bother with this? If you get the Dirk's house, Flanoir, and Heimdall scenes with a specific character, it really reveals a lot about the character in question especially Zelos. If you're really interested at all in the game's plot or characters, then this FAQ is for you.

What does it do? For sure, it makes both your ally characters and boss characters go into Overlimit more often during combat. The Sardonyx the gemstone from Volt says it helps find your soul mate.

Tales of Symphonia - How do I raise character relationship levels?

Does it have any connection with affection? Apparently there is no connection. Does using a character in battle or letting a character die in battle alter their affection for Lloyd? What happens when you have more than one character at really high affection? The character with the highest, of course, is the one that will speak in the specific scenes.

However, your three highest affection characters are the ones you can choose from in Flanoir. What is this about Kratos rejoining? However, you need to get Kratos at the scene in Flanoir. However, to recruit Kratos, another character is lost… Q: Who you choose is up to you, since they are nearly identical in battle. Don't worry, though - as long as you do these events before you make the fateful visit, you can still get their benefits.

Do ordinary skits triggered by pressing Z have any effect? The "Hard" path] This guide is arranged in the format intended for going the difficult way through early in the game.

Max will only come back after the party needs to find Undine. The order you get the events in may be different than the ones listed here.

Depending on your chosen path, some of these options will not appear, or may simply be in a different order. Story dialog choices] These may be incorrect slightly, or there may be options not listed here that do indeed affect affection. However, this is what has been confirmed, and it probably will do for getting the soul mate you want. Thanks to a host of helpful contributors I had recieved precise numbers for the affection values awarded.

However, since I have lost contact with them, I do not have precise numbers for the later options, and probably will not have any more. If anyone out there has more information on exact numbers or unrecorded events that change affection, please contact me! Colette —1, Genis Raine -2, Kratos It will only affect Sheena if she is in your party. This will affect Sheena regardless whether she's in your party or not. This will only affect Sheena if she is in your party.

Genis, Raine, Kratos. Affection down for character s refused. Affection up for character taken. Sidequest dialog choices] These may be incorrect slightly, or there may be options not listed here that do indeed affect affection. If you enter the Palmacosta Academy, a student named Mighty challenges Genis to a quiz. If you accept the challenge, head upstairs to the vacant room. There, all of your party members will study briefly.

Lloyd will be quizzed on three questions. The correct answers are "Guardian", "Acceleration", and "I don't know". After saving Colette from the Dragon's Nest, go to Sybak and talk to the scholar near the dog by the academy. After completing the Sybak Presea event, go to the nobles' area in Meltokio and talk to the woman in the rightmost house.

After returning to Tethe'alla for the first time, go to Altessa's house and examine the Exsphere. Tabatha will invite Presea to the Toize Mine in order to understand Exspheres. After clearing Zelos' name and visiting Celes, go to Sybak and talk with the raggedy child.

After the party investigates Colette's illness at Sybak, go back to Altessa's house and talk with the inhabitants.