Albany oregon 2015 swap meet

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albany oregon 2015 swap meet

9 February, PM - Hilton Albany - Albany - United. 2nd Annual Albany Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap Meet. Public. · Hosted by Albany NE Water Ave, Suite B, Albany, Oregon Show Map. Hide Map. Willamette Valley, Oregon events & specials including Salem, Oregon City, Dundee, McMinnville Albany, Dallas, Corvallis, Eugene, & more. August 4: Brooks – Great Oregon Steam-Up @ Powerland Heritage Park | Trains, Trolleys, Swap Meet, Cars, Market (more . Past Years: | | | Events |

Secretary Linda Email: BoxMcMinnville, Southern Oregon Corvette Association P. BoxMedford, Cruising the central Oregon coast.

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BoxPhilomath, Laurie - Association Fords of the 50's P. BoxPortland, Jeff Duvall - Classic Menagerie P. Rich Lea Columbia Corvettes N.

albany oregon 2015 swap meet

Meadowbrook 2, Portland, Mike George, President -email: Early Ford V8 Club S. Sweetgum Way, Portland, Jim Email: For additional information please contact our president.

Veterans Day Parade - 11 November 2017 - Albany, Oregon

John Creegan The Historical Automobile Club of Oregon and the Ladies Auxiliary would love to welcome anyone into the club who has a genuine interest in historical automobiles. Late Great Chevys S. All motorsports persons are welcome. Come see what we are all about. Northwest Vintage Speedstar -- Portland Welcome to the official website of the Northwest Vintage Speedsters, a club dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of and earlier 4 cylinder speedsters and race cars. A percentage of special interest vehicles are allowed by a vote of the general membership.

albany oregon 2015 swap meet

Pacific Northwest Convertible Club N. The membership perpetuates the hot rodding ideal by maintaining an emphasis on the cars of the early years. Many of the members have been involved with these cars for over 50 years. Rose City of Oregon P. Bush 14, Portland, Stock, Custom, Full Hot Rod, it makes no difference to us!!! We just love GM Trucks. Rodger Eddy Tilla-Wheels N. Larry Thompson Owners and lovers of vintage Chevrolets are invited to join with us in our "vintage car club" to enjoy sharing in a common interest in the pleasures of old Chevrolets.

Wanderers Car Club S. BoxRedmond, BoxRoseburg, Car events that promote the use, preservation and display of old cars and pick-ups, stock or modified. Social events that further friendships and the exchange of ideas and information. Raise funds for local charities to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.

Bent 8 Beutler Dr. We met so many cool people which made the whole affair more than worth it. An entire building was full of these old air cheating machines. Some were new and capable of over mph. You could spend an entire afternoon browsing cool books. Great guys and great auto parts. It's a cool hot rod store run by a cool guy. With Kathie's help I managed to hawk quite a few. There was a huge turn out of enthusiastic people which kept the place warm and noisy most of the day.

It was fun seeing people I haven't seen for some time and meeting many more. I'm now preparing for a book signing at the Albany Museum on Saturday January 11th at I've gotten some nice reviews over the internet as well as phone calls. I'm more grateful than you can ever imagine. Jim Lindsay This is from awhile back. It was taken by Tom Nousen in downtown Albany when my hair color matched my roadster's.

albany oregon 2015 swap meet

Jim Lindsay My book is now published and available on Amazon. Jim Lindsay The proof copy of my book showed up yesterday.

I have a load coming on Jan. These will be first edition so come out and get one. Jim Lindsay "There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down to a typewriter and bleed.

albany oregon 2015 swap meet

Jim Lindsay I'm now off to Deluxe Brewery's grand opening at the old creamery building by the river in downtown Albany. Some bubbly can cure anything. Jim Lindsay My book is designed, it has pages of grip. I've had a hell of a time with the back cover which is just a small description of the story. It is about all you have besides the front to pitch the thing to a roaming shopper. I've got a little case of writer's guilt or something going on that's kind of normal after you finally conquer the beast.

After many attempts I turned it over to my daughter, Caralee, who wrote it without a blink, in time to get it included in the design. Jim Lindsay The book is gone. I sent it away to Illinois for the designing of the interior.

2nd Annual Albany Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap Meet

It is the first time in two years I haven't had a book to be writing. This author business is roller coaster like. The top is pretty damn cool but it can take the wind out of you. As soon as the book is formatted with the style of font, size and so forth it's going to the publisher.

I hope to have a few before Christmas, but it will be a stretch. I'm wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

albany oregon 2015 swap meet

Jim Lindsay The book is now in the hands of my editor, Addie Maguire, who is correcting small errors that were uncovered by five proofreaders who pored over the work during the week ending November Thanks to all who were not let down by their quest. They found more than I would have ever dreamed. Jim Lindsay One of the proofreaders was Ms. Sue Cammack of Albany who is a sought-after sleuth not only in proofreading but in uncovering the intent of the author.

44th Salem Swap Meet – Salem

When the book was returned to me, a little note was inside that she left for me. This is what she said, and I quote: You have captured the essence of those times and the people in the 60's.

I feel privileged to have had an opportunity to travel back with you, picturing your trip of memories. Your writing made the adventure delightful!