Army of me meet you at the mouth lyrics

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army of me meet you at the mouth lyrics

You're searching for a path to take you home. You're a river and you've fallen, you've fallen to the sea. I will meet you, I will meet you at the mouth. There's a time. The complete lyrics for all Skyhooks songs can be found on this page. Living In The 70's The army wanted you and the army wanted me. There was a war. B.B. King lyrics - song lyrics sorted by album, including "The Thrill Is Gone", " Every Day I Have The Blues", "Why I Sing The Blues". Don't You Want A Man Like Me Army Of The Lord Shut Your Mouth . Since I Met You Baby.

Maybe 'Army Of Me' was an attempt to balance it out.

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Mim Udovitch has described the song as "grinding techno fusion". Critical reception Eric Handerson of Slant Magazine found that the song "provocatively merges a Weather Report-esque jazz-fusion bass riff with a heavy-timbered rock drumbeat to match her contemptuous vocal delivery 'Self-sufficience, please! Refreshingly Icelandic sentiments",[6] and further stating that "'Army Of Me' not only sounds fabulous—Led Zeppelin and techno welded together into a surging, operatic whole—but possesses a briskly pull-yourself-together tone.

The first single from 's otherwise buoyant Post and a featured track on the Tank Girl soundtrack, as well as in the film. The singer "said that she wanted to capture that 'tanker-truck' feeling, the sense of a big machine grinding unstoppably through town"[24] and further stated: So I have to go to the dentist, who tries to steal away from me a diamond I don't know I have. When Michel [Gondry] gets his strokes of genius and, in the video for "Army of Me", wants a dentist that's a gorilla to find a diamond in my mouth, some people call it nonsense.

army of me meet you at the mouth lyrics

But it's probably the most realistic way of expressing what situation I'm in — all these people trying to take things away from me, and the gorilla finding a diamond that I don't know I have and then stealing it. I have to stand up and fight the fucking gorilla. Once I've got the diamond and I run away with it, it becomes massive 'cos it's mine. But if the gorilla had kept it, it would have gone really tiny. That's surrealism for me. Before floating off the vehicle, she turns to the camera and shows metallic teeth.

The vehicle's engine assembly consists of a mouth in which all of the teeth appear rotten, comically exaggerated by a shaggy-looking man engulfed in a stench-cloud crawling out of the mouth and offending passers-by.

Army Of Me Lyrics

While she is going to the room of the dentist, her image appears reflected in a series of mirrors that make it impossible to distinguish her real self. She is examined by the dentist, an anthropomorphic gorilla, who discovers a diamond in her mouth.

She takes the diamond back to her vehicle, all the while it multiplies in size until she is barely able to carry it. She then drives to a museum and proceeds inside, carrying a satchel containing a bomb. The museum is full of surrealistic things like mirrors reflecting non-existent people.

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Sneaking past the museum's guards, she places the bomb on one of the exhibits, a man lying on an altar in a deep sleep. She then bolts toward the museum's exit, concerning the guards and other patrons.

She makes it out of the building just moments before the bomb explodes. After the explosion, she re-enters the building to find all the unarmed visitors and the man from the altar, who appears to have been just wakened by the blast.

Songtext von Björk - Army of Me Lyrics

Reception The video was well received by critics. Tim Walker of The Independent thought that "catchy, commercial song that was utterly original, and she's easily beautiful enough to have taken advantage of her sexuality in the video, but instead she got Michel Gondry to make a brilliant promo about her going to a gorilla dentist to get a huge diamond pulled out of her mouth". The museum sequence furnishes an example: One area shows a person observing a work which is a painting of a person in an art museum observing a work.

After the explosion, everything is torn apart, bathed in smoke. There exists some version of the music video which censored the explosion of the bomb, and some showing "To Be Continued" at the end.

army of me meet you at the mouth lyrics

Live performances The song was performed in a few appearances. Macainsh Watch a horror movie right there on my TV Horror movie right there on my TV Horror movie right there on my TV Shockin' me right outa my brain It's bound to get ya in Get right under your skin Hit you right on the chin - oh yeah It's bound to be a thriller It's bound to be a chiller It's bound to be a killer - oh yeah The planes are a-crashin The cops are a-bashin - oh yeah The kids are a-fightin The dogs are a-bitin - oh yeah You think it's just a movie on silver screen And they're all actors and fake old scenes Maybe you don't care who's gonna lose or win Listen to this and I'll tell you somethin' It's a horror movie right there on my TV Horror movie right there on my TV Horror movie and it's blown a fuse Horror movie, it's the six-thirty news The public's waitin For the killin and the hatin Switch on the station - oh yeah They do a lotta sellin Between the firin and the yellin And you believe in what they're tellin - oh yeah You Just Like Me 'Cos I'm Good In Bed G.

Macainsh When the sun sets over Carlton And the moonlight floods the streets All those pizza places and spaced out places They all get on the beat When the sun sets over Carlton And the stars begin to shine All those grey-haired writers and drunken fighters They all step out in line When the sun sets over Carlton And the day begins to fade All those night time junkies and long haired monkeys They all pull up the shade When the sun sets over Carlton And the lights begin to glow All those Divine Lighters and window wipers They all put on a show When the sun sets over Carlton And you're out to make a deal Check out who you're talkin' to And make sure they are real rpt above verse Well Lygon Street's really got me beat I can't seem to stand on my own two feet Well Lygon Street's really got me down 'Cos I'm a poor boy on the wrong side of town Do the Lygon Street Limbo How low can you go-go Toorak Cowboy G.

Macainsh He gets his hair cut at Marini's And he drives a Lamborghini The finest thing that ever walked this earth His flat is just divine He buys yoghurt and buys wine A million dollars is what he's worth Chorus: Well he's a village playboy Toorak cowboy yes he is Well he's a village playboy Toorak cowboy yes he is He dyes all his grey ends And he's got lottsa gay friends He is twenty-nine if he's a day And he wears tinted glasses And his girls have got tight arses And if he's camp he wouldn't like to say Chorus: He'll be at the supper show on Friday night Goes once a month just to make it look right At interval he'll say the movie's a drag As he gets a cigarette from his leather shoulder bag Chorus: Well he bought his first dope outside the South Yarra Arms A whole matchbox full in his hot little palms Nineteen Sixty-Eight and the scene was cool And all of his friends knew that he wasn't a fool He knows the antique dealers And all those other stealers I'll be glad when he goes overseas My friends he don't do nothin' He just ain't got no stuffin' He's just another social disease Chorus: Well he's a village playboy Toorak cowboy yes he is Smut R.

army of me meet you at the mouth lyrics

Symons Slip into a cinema and give yourself a treat Better take a raincoat could be sticky on the seat Open up you Twisties and open up your fly Pictures start to flicker as your hand moves down your thigh If your mother knew what you were doing She'd probably hang her head and cry And if she thought that you were whipping the dripping She'd give you a belt, extract all the teeth of your fly Munchy Munchy Twisties the shorts are such a drag Make a little opening in the other end of your bag Now put your Twisties right down there in your lap No-one ever guesses whatsit's in the pack If your mother knew what you were doing Ooh la la la la la la la la Better get a grip on yourself You better pull yourself together.

Picture's almost over but still your not quite there John Wayne pulls his gun out and you wish he'd some to spare Then they turn the lights on and people start to stare You find you've got a boot full and your coat's stuck to the chair If your mother knew what you were doing